Walter Mancing meeting with client

Understanding Your Needs, Wants, and Wishes

Though it tends to get the most attention in the short term, in our experience, investment selection is the easiest part of the wealth management process. The harder part – but most valuable – is the process of understanding client needs, wants, and wishes. That’s why we spend as much time as needed listening to our clients and identifying the things that drive them, what they are passionate about, and what future uncertainties concern them.

Some of the insights we gain into our clients’ goals come through in-depth conversation and others through the science of behavioral finance. The Stifel Financial ID (SFID) is our innovative, proprietary system to help clients gain a more dynamic picture of their risk attitudes and decision-making preferences.

It measures six key indicators that reveal how clients think and feel about investing. Understanding these dimensions can help clients make better investment decisions, ultimately stay the course, and avoid common investor pitfalls. Mancing Wealth Management Group uses this high-resolution picture as a starting point for designing an optimal, personalized investment portfolio for our clients.