Our Team's History

We have helped our clients address their retirement, estate, and business planning needs through multiple bull and bear market cycles, with experience at both a small regional firm, as well as one of the world’s largest global banks. Since arriving at Stifel in 2009 – one of the nation’s leading wealth management firms – our varied experience and continuous lineage has helped mold our unique investment philosophy and client service model.


Bernard Wilkoff works as a stockbroker for Babbit & Meyers in Beaver, Pennsylvania


Toni Mancing joins Bernard Wilkoff at Babbit & Meyers, and it is sold the same year to Advest, Inc.


Toni assumes leadership of the group at Advest, Inc.


Walt Mancing joins The Mancing Group at Advest, Inc.

2005 – 2008

2005 – The Mancing Group moves to UBS after Merrill Lynch purchases Advest, Inc.

2008 – Walt assumes leadership of The Mancing Group

2009  2017

2009 – Walt moves The Mancing Group to Stifel

2017 - Group rebranded to Mancing Wealth Management Group