Our Mission

Image of dart on green target with quote, “The smartest plans with the highest returns are still inadequate if our clients are uneasy about the investment strategies.”


Our mission is to not only seek out positive results within a particular set of risk/return parameters, but also to ensure that you feel confident about the asset management strategy.

This requires us to ask the right questions in an effort to understand not only what to invest in, but how you feel about those investments.

In our experience, the investment selection process is the easy part.  The harder part – but most valuable – is the process of understanding your needs, wants, and wishes.

That’s why we spend as much time as needed listening to you and identifying the things that drive you – what you are passionate about and what future uncertainties you are concerned about.

Some of the insights we gain into our clients’ goals come through in-depth conversation and others through the science of behavioral finance. 

By asking the right questions, coupled with the experienced support of our team and Stifel’s broad array of resources, we deliver on our promise of outstanding service to our clients.